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About Us

GoCleanse has been successfully teaching people how to cleanse since 2006. Our coaches have helped over 200,000 people though the cleansing process and we plan on coaching over 1,000,000 people. We would like to begin by telling you that this is not a diet and this is certainly not a colon cleanse. This is a revolutionary cleansing technology. This is a new approach to weight loss, health, wellness and anti-aging. This is such an amazing technology that if you need to lose weight you could lose as much weight in 4 days as you would on a diet in one to two months. How much would that excite you?

What The Science is Telling Us

Science is telling us that we are being bombarded with toxins that are in our water, in our air, in our food and everywhere we turn. What they are saying is that when toxins enter our bodies they are being stored in our fat cells. This is why diets can’t really work in the long run. This technology assists the body in removing those impurities.

Coaching is Making The Difference

GoCleanse is a comprehensive educational coaching program. We offer you an opportunity to have an experienced cleansing coach. Our Coaches and fitness planner have been through the protocol. Our coaches have coached people through this detox program. Best of all we provide our coaching services FREE to you. The GoCleanse system has only one goal and that is to get you your best possible results in the shortest period of time. GoCleanse coaches are devoted to getting you to your goal no matter how little or how much you may want to lose weight or improve your human potential. We have seen that people who take advantage of the GoCleanse coaching system are experiencing 40-50% better results than those who attempt the program on their own. GoCleanse is devoted to your success and to teaching you the fundamentals of living healthier longer.

Money Back Guarantee

Another amazing thing is we offer you a money back guarantee. Imagine a weight loss or fitness program with a money back guarantee. They don’t usually exist.

We Are Here For You

We encourage you to leave us your information so that we can discuss the program with you at your convenience with no obligations. Imagine changing your life in just four days. How amazing would that be for you?