Listen Up with Excerise!

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Listen Up with Excerise!

On days when you’re reaching for a little extra incentive to exercise, some music may be just what you need to help yourself get going. Not only can music help get you started, but it’s a great way to help keep yourself motivated throughout your workout. In fact, studies have shown that people can work out longer and at a higher level when they’re "tuned in."

So if you’re exercising at home and it won’t bother anyone else, crank up the stereo! And if you’re walking outside or working out at the gym, find a headset you like. Dozens of different kinds of players are now on the market; you may want to look for one that is designed for sports or fitness use, or that has features such as a belt clip that will make it easy to carry while you exercise. Accessories like armbands can help make your music player portable. And don’t forget to make sure that the headphones are comfortable for your ears.

While many people prefer listening to up-tempo music during exercise, any music that you like will be a great companion for your workouts. You may even want to make a mix of slower and faster songs to remind yourself to speed things up or start to slow down at different points in your workout. And if you already listen to music but are looking to change things up, you can try listening to a comedy recording or even an audio book. In fact, choosing a book and committing to listening to it only during your workout can be a great motivator.