FAQ Go Cleanse

FAQ Go Cleanse

Q. What do you recommend for bad breath? Can you have Listerine strips?

A. Burts’s Bees Peppermint Breath Drops – 2 drops on tongue. Also helps settle stomach. Rinse out with mouth wash or brush teeth. If it doesn’t help, see your dentist for other health issues that may be causing bad breath.

Q. Do any health insurances reimburse for Gocleanse? I know they do for weight watchers.

A. GoCleanse is considered an “out of pocket” expense, just like the rest of the food that you purchase. However, some “Flex Spending Accounts” may consider it a reimbursable expense, but you would need to check with your account manager to be sure. Also, GoCleanse is designed to help you receive referral checks for referring others, which can be used to help reduce the price of the program.

Q. I am finishing my first cleanse day (did two shake days and today I’m doing cleanse today. I don’t feel constipated, but I only had one small BM on yesterday, and I usually go 2-3 times per day. I think one of your emails said to call if you haven’t had a BM in 2 days. Also, my friend is doing it at the same time and she said during her two cleanse days she went constantly. Should I be concerned? I’ve taken 2 IsaFlushes each day and haven’t cheated at all.

A. You can take up to 4 IsaFlush a day, 2 during the day, and 2 at night before bed, as needed. The goal is for your BMs to be regular. In addition to IsaFlush, you can add Psyllium Husk to your morning shakes. You can also use Isagenix FiberPro, and the Isagenix SlimCakes on shake days, to aid with regularity. Diarrhea is not the norm, but may happen as the body begins to release toxins. The Cleanse is very soothing and healing to the digestive system, and can also aid with heartburn and acid reflux issues.
See next question for more info on constipation.

Q. I am definitely backed up. Which is extremely abnormal for me. I took a total of 3 IsaFlush tablets today– one on an empty stomach before each meal. Lots of gas, but nothing else. Any suggestions?

A. Continue to take the IsaFlush. You can take 2 at a time. You should have a bowel movement in the morning. Even though you are eating a lot of vegetables, your body is accustomed to the fiber you get from Carbs. That’s why adding something like psyllium seed husk to your shake is a great way to get things moving. There’s also a tea by Traditional Medicinals called Smooth Move, all organic, main ingredient is senna leaf. (May need to stay close to “facilities” if you use the Smooth Move) Tastes great too. And last but not least, plain old hot water with lemon helps me when I’m experiencing mild constipation. Another option if you are really having issues is to do a Salt Water Flush with Sea Salt – ask your sponsor or coach for more info.

Q. My husband and I would be interested in learning a little more about Isagenix because everyone is on it! I looked at your website. I am looking for the nutritional information specifically and wanted to know if it is herbal or medicinal. Any and all info would be appreciated. Are there any contraindications?

A. GoCleanse comes under the category of food. It is not a medicine. I believe contraindications are given only with medicines that are FDA approved. But, as with all herbs and foods containing them a disclaimer is always made telling people to check with their physician before starting a new regiment especially if they are on any maintenance medications. Sometimes people find that their medication dosages need to be adjusted/reduced while using Isagenix, so it is important to stay in communication with your health care professional.

Q. I am Lactose Intolerant – what should I worry about

A. The new IsaLean shakes contain the highest quality whey and casein protein from the world’s largest dairy group in New Zealand, whose standards exceed the USDA organic standards. The cows are pasture-fed and not treated with hormones or antibiotics. The protein in our shakes is extracted from the milk using a proprietary technology that no other company in the world can mimic. As a result, IsaLean Shakes contain lower lactose levels and a superior amino acid profile.

In addition, the formulators have added aspergillus oryzae which is a digestive enzyme used as a dietary aid for people with a lactose intolerance.

If you are concerned, order the program (money back guarantee!) and try ½ shake. If you do not have any adverse reaction in ½ hour – have the other ½ of the shake. No reaction, good to go!

If you are severely lactose intolerant – try out dairy free shakes.

Q. Today is a cleanse day and I’m REALLY tired today and I’m wondering if that’s normal. Slightly light headed and dizzy. Is that just part of the cleansing process?

A. Everyone is different. Some people get very tired on cleanse days. Some people have so much energy, it is like they are on speed! For those of you who are tired – embrace it – the process is working! Your body is working really hard inside. If you need to eat a hard boiled egg (just the white) go ahead and see if that helps. Just take it somewhat easy (no heavy cardio workouts!) and let the cleansing process work for you. A few more days and you will notice a clean energy feeling. Make sure you’re drinking all your water because it’s really important and don’t forget your snacks. All of this works together. The formulator that developed this nailed it — so just follow it to the letter and celebrate your Results! Q. I have a headache. I didn’t eat enough calories for my meal yesterday. I looked it up afterwards and I only ate about 250 calories. Is that why?

A. That could be why you have the headache. Remember to get at least 6 oz of protein and eat between 400-600 calories for lunch. Also, if your body is used to caffeine, either from coffee, tea, or sodas, you may be having a caffeine withdrawal headache. Extra water, and some Want More Energy will help a lot! This should pass in 1-2 days.

Q. When do we take the Ionix Supreme because it’s not on the daily schedule?

A. Take 1 oz in the morning before your shake. If you don’t like the taste you can add it to your shake, but best benefit if taken alone. You can also take 1 oz at dinner, some people find it helps them get deep, restful sleep. This is one of the most amazing and versatile products in the program. It provides stamina, energy and endurance for athletes, as well as quicker muscle recovery after workouts. In addition, it is great for stress relief, and for women in “transition” or who experience side effects during their monthly cycle.

Q. I felt sick on my cleanse day when I took the Natural Accelerator. Can I stop taking it?

A. Some people are very sensitive to niacin, which is found in the Cleanse, and in the Natural Accelerator. For some, this results in a Niacin Flush (burning sensation around neck and ears, or a rash on hands and stomach. For others, this can cause nausea, total body flush that would last for an hour, or jitters. If this is the case then try taking in between Cleanse doses, or do not take it at all on cleanse days, but continue to take on Shake-Meal-Shake days. Some people have to have something in their stomach. They will still be very successful. These are considered normal symptoms.

Q. How can I explain this program to my friends who are noticing my Results?

A. Don’t even try! People hear the word “cleanse” and they run for the hills! Just tell them all you know is that you are feeling great. And then tell them you will have your coach/sponsor call them to explain. Send their e-mail/phone to your coach – or get him/her on the phone – and then sit back and collect your Referral bonus! If you love helping people, and would like to be a coach yourself – or would like to establish a residual income stream — just let your sponsor know!

Q. What kind of nuts can I eat at snack time?

A. You can enjoy two unsalted almonds, brazil nuts, pine nuts or walnuts with each snack.

Q. Why is cleansing two days in a row so important?

A. 20% of the Effectiveness of the Cleanse comes on the first day (since it takes 24 hours to burn off all the sugar/carbs). True fat burning and deep cleansing takes place on Day 2 (thus 80% of the effectiveness)

Q. On cleanse days can you also have apples? Celery? Eggs?

A. For BEST RESULTS – you should ONLY eat the recommended nuts, the IsaLean snacks (Scooby Snacks! ) and the IsaDelights on Cleanse Days. Cleanse days are about letting your digestive system, and letting your body burn FAT!

The alternatives listed here are acceptable if you are a diabetic or notice your sugar levels are too low.

  • up to ⅛ of an organic apple at one time, with the peel removed
  • 1 hard boiled egg white. The yoke of the egg is all fat so remove it.
  • NOTE: “Scooby snacks” are a vital part of the cleansing program! While most people take them to curb their appetite, they also balance out your “cleanse day meals” by providing the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, sugar and fat. You’ll want to take 1-2 snacks 2 hours after your cleanse serving – this will also keep your body in cleanse mode!

Q. I forgot my cleanse at home, what can I do? I won’t be able to get to it until after work at 5:30. What can I do?

A• Eat sensibly today, having meals that contain 400-600 calories, and look to do your cleanse day tomorrow.

Q. Can / should I take multivitamins while doing the cleanse? or too much on the system?

A• You should not need regular multivitamins while on the program – but you SHOULD continue to take any Iron or Calcium supplements, and anything else your doctor has specifically prescribed. Your shakes have all the daily vitamins you need.

Q. Can we take tylenol, pamprin, midol during cleanse?

A• If you’re sick and can’t stand the pain, then definitely take something to relieve the pain …but in most cases the pain has lessened while on the products.

Q. Does lemon in your water effect the cleanse like grapefruit to prescription drugs?

A• Lemon in your water does not effect the cleanse. Lemon in your water is one of the most healthy and alkalizing things you can do for your body. We do not know of any negative effects.

Q. If constipated during the cleanse days, are laxatives okay?

A• If you are prone to constipation, be proactive and use the IsaFlush or FiberPro every day. Take 2 IsaFlush capsules at night and 2 in the morning or a scoop of the FiberPro twice a day. Once you become regular, you can cut this in half.

If this does not work try Senna Tea, or Senna capsules. They are a natural laxative, and VERY effective, but you need to stay close to a bathroom if you are going to do this. ALSO – read the label on the Senna very carefully – many people cannot take Senna if they have certain medical conditions.

Q. Is a 9-Day program safe for people who are diabetic or are looking to lose 100+ pounds?

A• Yes in both cases!
Diabetics have to check their sugar levels a few times a day. Some people may need to break up the shake into 2 servings.
Anyone with diabetes really needs to stay “in touch” with their bodies. They MUST take their IsaLean snacks. They should keep additional snacks, such as apples, on hand in case they feel like they’re going “low” — even though that will impact their cleanse! They canNOT afford to go low!